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Div 8 - Glass and Glazing Projects

Div 8 - Glass and Glazing Projects

KT Fabrication is the industry leader in designing, fabrication and installation of their own custom window solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.  

Div 7 - Metal Panels

Div 7 - Metal Panel Projects

KT Fab's innovative approach to metal panels have garnered the respect of  GC's, Architect's and Owners alike.  From ACM, plate, cor-ten, exotic finishes and beyond, there seem to be no limits to the capabilities of the KT Fab Team!

Div 5 - Architectural Metals

Div 5 - Architectural Metals Projects

KT Fab has elevated craftsmanship to an unparalleled level and provides the highest quality Architectural Metals Projects in the known Universe

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